Shipping info

Order Consolidation & hold service

With the rising prices of shipping for both domestic & international mail, we have decided to offer a hold & consolidation service for repeat customers.

How it works: 

You purchase from our store as usual & make a note in the shipping comments to ”hold my order”. Please ensure your first purchase pays for a shipping fee: $16 or higher. Once the order is placed, Please email* me with your order number to arrange the hold & consolidation period! When you place your next purchase - you can use the code “COMBINE-ORDER” to receive free shipping. We then consolidate your package & mail order(s) together to save on shipping fees.


Terms & Conditions 

This offer will be ran as a trial for 3 months & requires trust from both sides. If you do not agree with our T&C, please restrain from using this service.


Shipping & consolidation may incur further shipping fees based on the actual weight of the final package if larger orders are placed & consolidated. Customers will be contacted via email before the shipment mails. Please understand that if the price is higher, this will need to be covered by the customer before finalising the shipment. 


Cancelling an order after arranging a hold & consolidation service is not allowed. We allow 3 days after your order is placed & held, to cancel  after which no refunds are made, we hope you can understand.


The hold period is flexible however a free 3 months we will kindly ask you to ship your current orders or to pay a holders fee based on your orders size. 

onikatsu holds the right to the final decision in regards to any orders placed via our storefront / online store / Instagram. 

Questions? Please Email